February 10, 2019

Following the man with an apple, from Vltavska, to Roztyly, to Top hotel...

It all started with the following of this man with an apple in his hand.

He went to the Vltavska metro station... and then I lost him...

But found this creature at Roztyly, instead. The sculpture culture in these panel houses' neighborhoods is quite fascinating.

Bridge over the D1 highway.

This way = into the city.

Bridge crossed :)

It's actually a state institution, some kind of archive or something like that...

It's colorful.

And we're at the end. This is Top Hotel Praha, one of the most popular conference hotel in Prague. Guarded by several lions :)
February 3, 2019

It was snowing today

This isn't normal. At least not normal at Letna :)

It was just snowing, a lot.

Combined with the sunday and the early morning ... only a few of us went outside :)

It was empty.

Lots of snow. (for Prague :)

Almost no views :)

Perfect for wandering and cleaning your mind.

Evidently, dogs love this, too :)
January 13, 2019
January 5, 2019

New Year Joy Ride 2019

Mirek invited me to the "New Year Joy Ride". It's an event for these interesting people interested in military things, mostly in jeeps...

... as you can clearly see :)

The ride starts at Kampa, just under the Charles bridge. It's kind of a tradition running for many many years. Funny, how you see the same people every year, just getting older. And then you realize that you're getting older too.

First stop is at the Prague Castle. It was very windy and very cold ... and we have to wait for like an hour. But when you drive a jeep - which is basically an open convertible - in the winter, you kinda count with that - you're gonna be cold.

Mirek in his Jeep :) ... next stop: Rudolfinum.

The speed ... the jeep is quite light so it feels like you're going very fast. Especially in the corners.

The compass (that round glass thing to the left) ... comes from Florida. Not that you need to know.

May 7, 2014

Dinner from the mňam mňam place Le Carrousel

These were from the Le Carrousel place at Narodni trida. Good to know fact is that because they prepare everything from fresh ingredients, they have to sell all they have before they close. And then you have no reason not to try new things when you come here just before closing when the before closing prices occur :)
May 6, 2014