December 30, 2010

The Creature comes from Sparkys and the idea of second Christmas day

With Christmas being over and all the sales in the shops... I think we can pretty easily squeeze a second Christmas day in the calendar. OK, I know it doesn't work this way :) but at least I am fully prepared for it, continuing in gifts buying for the whole post-Christmas week :)

PS: This post is a part of Thursday Challenge.
December 29, 2010

Czech automotive history in Kotva department store... sort of

There's a small thematic exhibition on the ground floor of Kotva department store. And quite nice if you like cars like I do :) There are several interesting Skodas and one Tatra (that's the one above).

Now have a look below. Not on the sport rallye Skoda, even though it's a fun little car to drive. But on the second car in the background. This is a skoda that belonged to our president Vaclav Klaus at the time when he, well, wasn't our president :)

December 26, 2010

... and at the end there is a big hug waiting for you!

Take this as my naive wish for the new year. That there will be a lot of happy hugs :)

Hope you are having a gorgeous holidays!
December 9, 2010

Prague Street fashion

I don't know why I haven't posted these two videos earlier... they are Prague Street fashion videos we created for, Czech website about men fashion. They are our first try but I think they ended up rather well :) And hopefully we'll make some more :)

I had to show you also this dog. For no apparent reason :)
December 8, 2010

Prague Linchpin meetup

From today's Linchpin meetup based on the Seth Godin's book. Which is really good :) As well as was the meetup. Even though there were only three of us... Tomas, Magda and I.

December 6, 2010

Outside (cold and muddy) and inside (warm and cosy)

Waiting at the traffic lights. Very cold, wet and muddy experience. But when you turn around...

... there's a cosy furniture store. Oh, so inviting :)
December 5, 2010

Summer Reminiscence

After a looong time I finally finished the roll in my second camera and scanned the images. So here we go. Some of the summer photos. Starting with a mosaic in our building.

I like this color. And also pizzeria on the ground floor :)

The important thing here is the Eurolines bus. They go to Bratislava and also to other places. They are really comfortable, have wifi and electricity for your notebook. A bit more space for your knees and comfy seat. I choose them every time I can.

Definitely a summer picture :)

As usual. I thought the warning signs were just for tourists. And they really closed this street.

Van Graaf store opened at Wenceslas square.

And that's all left from summer.
December 4, 2010

Intimimissimi and the White swan

This Intimissimi (or Intimimissimi as one may easily confusedly say) ad seemed quite Christmassy to me. So here you have it :) With "White swan" written just above it.

The photo below is taken almost at the same place (Wenceslas square) only one hour later. It's getting dark really fast.

December 3, 2010
December 2, 2010

Still a lot of snow in Prague :)

Well, it looks like we'll have a lovely winter in Prague :) (Not based on this photo but in general)

Very very winterly and snowy Wenceslas square

It was snowing all the day and it looked like this when the day was almost over. Wenceslas square transformed into the winter wonderland :)

And you should play this song now :)

Kylie Minogue - Let It Snow by kyleongwl

It all will be gone tomorrow.

... as they already started on removing the snow.

... and the rest will turn into mud. OK, it won't be that bad. But winter in the city isn't that much snow-friendly. You know.
December 1, 2010

The Summary of last week

Still in Prague, start of last week. The view from Kings Court hotel.

Quite nice, I have to say :)

And now in Bratislava, in Sheraton hotel as you can see on the things in the drinks :)

It just look better in black and white.

The gang.

The shoes.

Lubka took this one of Zuzka. While drawing smily faces on every car we passed by.

Yep, a lot of snow in Bratislava. Also in Prague, but the Prague snow photo must wait a little.

Night sledging. Usually happens when your friends are much younger than you :)

Next time from Prague, I swear.