December 17, 2008

Stairs under Hlavkuv bridge

I put this place near Vltavska metro station in my top ten list of places in Prague I would rather not be visiting at night.

+ one thing I'd like to share. Do you know Annie Leibovitz? I bet lot of you do. There's an interesting interview with her (the link goes to my favorite blog of Chase Jarvis in case you'd ask). Also, Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens is a great movie. I'm buying a DVD as Christmas gift for myself :)
December 16, 2008

Hidden garden with sculptures

And it's hidden on Libensky island. With ten or more of them on this little place where nobody goes to. I still wonder why they are here. It took me nine years to look over that wall and find them. Big mystery for me.

What else is Libensky island known for? They sell a lot of second-hand cars and second-hand furniture here. I fell in love with a table and sooo comfy chairs... that cost more than you (or I at least) can imagine.
December 15, 2008

When it's cold outside you should go to a hot club

Obcanska plovarna in Prague
Here's a snapshot from Obcanska plovarna (which is actually better in summer as it is right at the river). If you look carefully you can see a girl holding microphone. That's Agata Hanychova - our own Czech version of Paris Hilton girl. Now you know just one more thing about Czech Republic that your friends don't know. For sure :)

There's also the newest club in Prague called Prdel. At Zitna street very close to Charles square. And to improve your Czech skills even more, you can click here to find out what Prdel actually means in our language. (Sorry I didn't warn you.)

The third fact for today's post is that all good clubs and restaurants in Prague are already fully booked for Christmas parties. Well, this goes from the last week on.
December 14, 2008

TV Tower

View on TV Tower in Prague
I guess there wasn't a TV Tower post for a while :)
Taken about two weeks ago.
December 13, 2008

Shoes in Holesovice

Shoes in Holesovice, Prague
Shoes on a walk in Holesovice.

(I was originally looking for DOX but got lost.)
December 12, 2008

Foggy morning and closed Hard-de-core

View on Jindrisska tower in Prague
View on Jindrisska tower from Senovazne square (... while eating Saturday breakfast on a bench). And the Hard-de-core store I was going to visit was closed. Maybe you'll be luckier if you go there. This is one of my Christmas gifts inspiration stores :)

PS: For those looking for design shops in Prague. These are pretty much close to each other:
December 11, 2008
December 10, 2008

... and there's a lot of sun, too

Sun in Prague in December
This one is from Friday morning. Almost idyllic weather. Maybe to much idyllic for December. Did I mention that we wait for the snow?
December 9, 2008

Christmas in Prague

Christmas in Prague
Just want to let you know that Prague is ready for Christmas and absolutely crowded during the day (in spite of this 2 or 3 am photo).

Now we wait only for the snow :)