June 29, 2011

Underground workshop

I like this place. It's so not from this time. With people still manually producing frames for paintings. The owner of the shop continue in this tradition after his father. Unfortunately it's not a good time for manually producing anything. So the whole store is to be closed and rented to someone else.
June 28, 2011

Tree in a backyard shortcut

There's a hidden shortcut between Spalena and Opatovická street. With this tree and stunning old facades.
June 27, 2011

Views of the day

Starting downtown. Even here you can find some nice views :)

In Dejvice. There's a church at the "backyard" :)

And we climbed right at the top of that church :)
June 26, 2011


The nearest Subway restaurant to the Charles bridge :)
June 25, 2011

Concert peeking

There's a place that is very classical music friendly near Malostranske square :)
June 24, 2011

Solstice celebration and a tea master

Few days ago we were at the Solstice celebrations at Michnův Palace which was organized by Kampa theater. There were so many people... and here's one of them: Květa, who is a tea master and know about tea and all kinds of tea rituals more than anybody else I know :)

June 19, 2011

Saturday wedding at Kačina

We went for a friend's wedding to Kačina castle this Saturday. With tens of great people and great cars :)
June 17, 2011

Locksmithery in Modřany

Locksmithery is my new favorite English word :) This one is in Modřany and its banner is so stylish :)
June 16, 2011

Cafe behind National theatre

This is our favorite cafe. Just behind National theatre and next to Vltava river. We like the cafe just next to this one, too :)
June 13, 2011

Square hole at Kavci hory

This is my favorite new building in Prague. It has spectacular views over Vltava river and beyond. I don't think there are more places to live and enjoy this in Prague. Well, it has its (rather high) price, too :)
June 12, 2011

Lovely garden in Modrany

I have always wanted to have this kind of dreamy garden.

And who wouldn't have, right? :)
June 11, 2011

The Bike

We spotted this bike quite accidentally one night. And the minute after the shot, its biker came out, and drove out.

And just today, I found and immediately liked this rat bike from Slovakia :)
June 10, 2011

The life of our cactus

... while it's enjoying the lovely sun :)

June 9, 2011

Courtyard peeking

Those lovely courtyards. This one is at Letna.
June 8, 2011

It's been a while...

And it's been such a big while that the first image is from winter!

And from Christmas when we were buying beads as Christmas gifts.

And this is our new Kindle :)

And this is the newly renovated and extremely fascinating building at Jindriska street.

And Sedlčanský hermelín and I :)

And these are the places I want to visit during summer in our Czech Republic.

And there were the big population census which the Czech post offices were handling.

And after 10 years with Nike Cortezes I went for NB (you won't believe what a decision this was).

And a bit of travelling from and to Prague Main train station.

And that they sell retro prams accros from the offices where I learnt about my new profession.

And that we found this big building in a forrest and we couldn't figure it out why it is here.

And Ploskovice chateau is sooo nice :)

And we organized the first us-cars meeting in this year in April.

And the best of all... we bought two kick scooters and enjoy the sun a lot! :)