July 31, 2007

Dancing in Prague

Dancing house in Prague
This is where old meets new. The left slightly curved house is Prague's Dancing house (build in the late nineties).

You can read at Wikipedia article about Prague's Dancing house that our former president Vaclav Havel lived nearby. I can confirm this. My aunt was a postwoman in this Prague's district and she was delivering post to Vaclav Havel himself :)

Vaclav Havel is, after all, a writer, too. And a brilliant one. You can check his books and theater plays at Amazon
July 30, 2007

Do you suck in ballet? You don't have to (... in Prague :)

Masterclasses of Daria Klimentova in Prague
We were at Hermes presentation of products for new season today. And part of this was a visit to "Ballet Masterclasses in Prague" with Daria Klimentova. Daria is from Prague originally and she is now part of English National Ballet. If you have even a little chance to go and see her, do it. She's wonderful dancer.
(I almost forgot: she's the one in red)

And I bet you can be wonderful dancer, too. Just send your application to Ballet Masterclasses in Prague :)

You can get all information about Daria Klimentova at her website www.dariaklimentova.co.uk (she's a photographer, too).

And you should also look at the actual summer Ballet Masterclasses in Prague's blog. To find out what you are missing :)
July 29, 2007

One thing you should know before shooting Prague at night

Photographing Prague at night
There is one thing that you probably wouldn't think of when you're shooting in Prague centre at night. It happened to us yesterday. It was around midnight and we want to have a quick rest with a coffee (and to visit toilets to told the true :) before entering the second part of our night shooting in Prague's historical centre. And we couldn't find a pub or a cafe that would be open. All of them close at midnight. This was a surprise because Prague is still full of tourist even at this time. But for the good of local residents, they all have to close that soon.

Finally we found *one* cafe at Parizska street (the most expensive street in Prague) where we could stay for a moment. After 30 minutes of searching. So be aware of that and do all your "cafe duties" before midnight. And after that go for a wonderful photo hunt to the streets of Prague.

And what's in the photo: my new friend, shooting with Mamiya 645 on Ilford 3200 iso film (with a few different lenses during the night). He's a really great photographer :)
July 28, 2007

Felice in Felicia - you can have your own romantic ride in Prague like them

This red convertible is Skoda Felicia - classic Czech car from the sixties. It's quite valuable and quite popular and definitely one of the most beautiful Czech post-war car.

And you can have a ride in this car while you're in Prague. Not exactly this one but there is a service for tourists: sightseeing rides through historical center of Prague in historical vehicles - one of them being this Skoda Felicia (I think they have red and yellow).

You may know the "new" Skoda Felicia. It was build after Volkswagen bought Skoda in the beginning of the nineties - very practical and with cheap parts. Our family have one (in romantic red color :). Now Felicia has its follower in Skoda Fabia - which you should know in case you're from Europe.

Speaking of Skoda, they have like 50% increase in net profit over last year and are producing far more cars every year. Automotive is a big part of Czech industry.
July 26, 2007

Charles bridge in Prague - the west gate

Charles Bridge in Prague
Entering the Charles bridge from the west.
July 25, 2007

Nobody in Prague knows more about your money than folks working here

This is the entry to the Prague 1's tax office on Stepanska street. A lot of people was sending them their quarterly VAT tax forms. I knew it because I saw the same address on their letters at the post office while I was sending ours :)

We have a really beautiful main post office at Prague (at Jindrisska street). I have an inside picture of it ... somewhere. I'll try to find it. Well, you can see it on Wikipedia - all four pictures are from Prague's main post office. It is forbidden to take pictures here :)
And, finally, an outside photo in one older post: "Prague's biggest post office"
July 24, 2007

National theater as one of the bests of Prague

National theater in the days the sun was shinning (that means last week).

By the way, somebody living in our street must have a piano because I can hear it through the window right now. This is kinda new. We can hear a whistle here sometimes. And drums - but that is from our flat. My flatmate Tomas plays them :) Playing drums is very addictive. I fell in love with it the first time I tried it. And then you can here a lot of people going from the pub at night in our street. They usually speak English, sometimes they sing, sometimes they sing very nice, and they are always laughing :)

Going back to the National theater, these are older post with pictures of Prague's National theater.
July 23, 2007

Midnight petangue in Prague

Midnight petangue in Prague
I had never known petangue is such an interesting game. Everybody should try it :)

I took this picture at 2 am at one of Prague's island where we go to play. Usually after midnight, ending like at 3 am or so. The island is called Slovansky island but everybody knows it as Zofin (named after the mother of Franz Joseph I). It is in Vltava river very close to National theatre. There's a weir nearby, too. You can smell the water here. Only the salt is missing and it would be like at a sea :)
July 22, 2007

7th International Corvette meeting in Prague

7th International Corvette meeting in Prague
Photo from the 7th International Corvette meeting in Prague. It is a very successful meeting of Corvettes from all around Europe. So if you have Corvette you should come here :)

It is organized by Corvette Club Praha.

PS:I will post more photos once they're got uploaded somewhere on the net :)
July 21, 2007

Hanging around in Prague at Vltava river bank

There is a boom of new developer's projects in Prague: houses at newly built marinas. The best and maybe the most luxurious will be at Holesovice marina - former real industrial dock. The second one would be at Modrany. There is a lot of demolitions going on here, all for the new marina and new modern buildings complex.

One of the reasons for new marinas may be the fact that it is allowed to use /personal/ motor boats on Vltava river now. So after years you can see all those small boats on Vltava.

The picture above is from a vicinity of Palackeho square (Karlovo square metro station). It's a pretty place to hang out, do your morning running (probably with the iPod sport kit - can't wait till I try it myself) or to take you dogs for a walk (or your girlfriend if you wish :)
July 20, 2007

Rolling through Prague in a motor home

Rolling through Prague in a motor home
I love this old motor home. Wouldn't it be great if you can go anywhere in the world and stay here as long as you want?

In case, you want to stay in Prague, you may find this list of Prague camps helpful. Personally I would choose Intercamp Kotva because is has almost that out of city feel. Well, there's a highway on the other side of the river - yes it's at the Vltava river. And you're really close to center, just about 15 minutes by tram (or partly by bus as the tram lines are in repair right now). Here is the tram you would go with, this peaceful bay is just around and you'll see this on your walk towards the Prague center.
July 19, 2007

Hardcore daily-photoing / May that be another Prague DPer?

Saw this guy yesterday shooting at Jungmannovo square. I would like to see his photos - maybe he would start another Prague Daily Photo :) Or be a guest here (would be a great honour :)

I know there are some in the Daily Photo family who do shoot analog. And you should know them too. They are worth the visit:
Alejandro from Buenos Aires
Richard from Zürich

Do you know others? Please, let us know :)
July 18, 2007

Bank with a Prague castle view and a skatepark nearby

Prague river bank and Prague castle
I wouldn't tell before but Prague castle is pretty visible from a lot of places in Prague. Not a surprise at this one (of course) as it is really close to Old Town.

Actually taken from a bridge that goes over Stvanice island. They have a great skate park here and they had a Mystic skate cup competition here last weekend. Which I noticed when I was sitting on a bench (that one in the centre of the picture) and there were suspiciously big number of skaters going around. Most of them foreigners. Two of them tried to swim in Vltava - see the "V" shaped from the steps - but a local man illustrated them pantomimicly (he didn't speak English, evidently) that they better not try.

You can see the opposite view from a bench under the trees.
July 17, 2007

Mum, we're going swimming (to Podoli, Prague's best swimming pool :)

Podoli is part of Prague with the best (and the biggest) swimming pool. There were tens of cars parked everywhere and trams were full of *going to* and *going from* swimmers of every age.

And there is more! Zlute lazne ("Yellow baths") is a place at the Vltava river with a beach and all you can have near a typical tourists driven beach (they have a little ski slope in winter here, too :). Zlute lazne is very trendy. They must have great marketing/PR team because they had a tv reality show here last year, all of the fashion magazines do their summer shooting here.

And I love that inflatable thing the girl has. Is it a centipede? :)
July 16, 2007

Prague's weather update: it's hot, verrry hot - lets go boating

Ohh, do you have that incredibly hot weather, too? Not usual to have almost 40 degrees Celsius in Prague.

So I took this photo of people who "enjoy" the sunshine having nowhere to hide - while boating on Vltava river.

We did a quick quiz with our office neighbours today about what to do in this weather. *Visiting the pub and have a good cold beer* won. No other option came even close. Do I have to say Czech beer is the best in the word? No, I don't :)

And what do YOU do when the temperature goes this high? (If you're going to the beach I'm jealous already :)
July 15, 2007

On the fashion hunt in the streets of Prague

One of the girls we shooted for "fashion in the street" section of Czech fashion web www.inVogue.cz. More will come during the week at inVogue and you don't have to speak Czech to see those pictures :)

UPDATED: See the girl at inVogue.cz

I read interesting article *Prague-Budapest* by Zsolt about tourists in those two quite similar cities. I must add that center of Prague is really full of foreigners and it is almost impossible to hear anybody speak Czech. I saw it at our shooting yesterday. We had to start every conversation with "Mluvite cesky?" (Do you speak Czech?) and after a few trials we switched to English and don't bother to ask in Czech at first.

Zsolt is also part of Budapest daily photo which I visit alot because Budapest is on the top of my "'d like to visit" list :)
July 14, 2007

Prague's cafe for bloggers

Lot of Prague's cafes have free wifi but this is the cafe that actually have customers who use that. A lot!

And it isn't rare that you see Blogger's "Create Post" page on (newly found) fellowblogger's computer screen.

So, if you're in Prague and want to go here enjoy some free internet, just go to metro station Mustek on green line (not yellow, that would be somewhere else) and go to Vodickova street, Svetozor passage.

(Older posts concerning Svetozor passage: it looks like this *Svetozor cinema* and if you go through you can get here *Frantiskanska garden*)

Have a great weekend!
(In case the weather is bad go visit Cleveland Daily Photo and see iBlowfish's gorgeous pictures :)
July 12, 2007

Giant high heels in the centre of Prague

Prague is full of giant things/sculptures every summer. Like this high heel, which has a good reason to be just right there. Parizska street is only meters away and you would know that Parizska street it the "high fashion" (the most expensive, also) street in Prague. Thus it fits in this place :)

Older post (speaking of art in the streets): Pig... on the springboard... in the centre of Prague
July 11, 2007

Under (and behind) National theatre in Prague

This way you entrer the place behind Natinal theatre (theatre being to the left from this view). You can go to Laterna Magika - another interesting theatre - from here. Or you can take your skateboard and join the others who skate at this place. And if you're lucky, you wouldn't end up under the tram going on Narodni trida street, which is on the opposite side (over the red lighted building in the photo).

See older posts with National theatre

Official sites of:
National theatre
Laterna Magika
July 10, 2007

Prague Castle at night

Kind of follow up to yesterday's "650 years of Charles Bridge" post.

Today with overlighted Prague Castle.
July 9, 2007

650 years of Charles Bridge

Charles bridge - Prague's famous landmark - is 650 years today. Emperor Charles IV started the construction with the first stone on July 9, 1347 at 5:31 am (I don't know how they know it so exactly).

There were celebrations, of course. But as we have national holidays on Thursday and Friday I think there were only tourist here celebrating while all Praguers were out of Prague :)

My older posts with Charles bridge:
Charles bridge and St. Nicholas Church at the Old Town Square
Another shot of Charles bridge
Charles bridge
Charles bridge with The Queen Anna's folly
July 5, 2007

Coffee at "like at a construction site" cafe in the centre of Prague

We went along this cafe Metropol with my friend few days ago. It looked like it is just being reconstructed.

But it is not. It is only designed to look "as being reconstructed".

Sure, it is the most interesting place at Narodni trida now. And it has a great potential. But only if they won't finish it and make it look good :)
July 3, 2007

Pig... on the springboard... in the centre of Prague

Pig (probably very scared) on the spring board at the square of Republic at the Prague's centre.

Surrounded by other art.

Prague's sunset and the back of the Municipal House

Municipal House (this being its back side) is next to Powder Tower and at the end of the street that leads to Old town Square. There's also Czech National Bank facing Municipal House.

But who cares when the sunset lightens it up this way :)
July 1, 2007

Red Theme Day - Red Balcony at Prague's Botanic garden

I found this one by accident while going throught the Botanic garden. Really amazing here. For sure one of the Prague's top best looking/best hidden places.

Must be lovely to live in that apartment with red balcony and on the top of it, have a great view on Prague. Ohh, I'm so envious :)

Don't forget to check other cities' Red Theme Day. My favourite would be Mardid with a flower :)

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