July 24, 2009
July 23, 2009
July 11, 2009


This time McDonald's at Cerny Most. Must have been when we returned from somewhere. I wish I can be more specific.

If you're in Prague next two days you may like something from Bohemia Jazz Fest. Prague part is at the Old Town square.
July 10, 2009

Marché Francais

Marché Francais. On Monday and Tuesday. At Kampa. Should be delicious to visit :)
July 6, 2009

Prague public transport series

Rajska zahrada metro station. It was the first one that was designed to be pretty and not boring.

Those who have been to Prague most likely passed this church (walking or in a tram) near Malostranske square. The church itself isn't that much interesting.

And when you happen to forget your ticket, you pay fine. As is the blond girl in this case.

PS: To make this at least a little informative... here's a very helpful website of Prague Public Transport Company.
July 4, 2009
July 2, 2009

One beer to go, please

You could have "beer to go" here and at thousand different places for ages. But this is the first time I saw "Beer to go" on display. Great idea!

Very close to Charles Bridge. 27 CZK = roughly 1 EUR. Isn't life beautiful? :)
July 1, 2009

24 frames from nightlife (mostly)

No photos in last days = a lot of photos today. Hope you don't mind :)
After celebrating friend's birthday we ended in Ocko club at Pankrac. I liked the drawings.

Dancing girls were likable, too. Much better in person.
(Sorry for the bad bad scans.)

And they swung.
(It really was dark in there. I have a few 4 seconds shots on 50 iso film... steady hand it was not, and not worth sharing.)

KFC at I.P. Pavlova. The "window" is open nonstop.

Getting home (sweet home) at sunrise.

Then we were at finale of Bravo Girl model search competition. Bravo Girl and Bravo are like the most known teenage magazines in Czech republic. I bet 99% of teenagers get their sexual education from these. At least we did.

This was a wonderful evening. People from those magazines are so nice.

Oh, and it was in Jet Set bar at Andel.

Moving to Dynamo bar near Narodni trida (and our office).

There were Misa and Tereza at the opposite table. I had to state their names under the photo... well, I didn't tell them I was trying to get a picture of the dog (very poorly). It's a very dog friendly bar.

Another very nice people are from Stratosfera (publishing house which publishes magazines such as Cosmopolitan). Here catching tram after Spy and Top Gear party in Solidni nejistota.

Finlandia Midnight Sun at Branicka louka. The location is fantastic. But when it rains it gets a lot less charming. At this time Apocalyptica started playing.

On Friday we got these tickets to Hedkandi at SaSaZu - the new club at Holesovicka trznice.

It was quite spectacular. With flying bowl with DJs in it.

It was the day after Michael Jackson died. They put his photo on the screen and when DJ played parts of Thriller it was full of emotions. He was the best.

DJs' "bowl". They are in the air now. Luckily for them, they were down most of the time.

Did I mention it is not a cheap club?

Chilling outside.

And back inside. It was like 2 or 3 am. At 5 am people went dancing on the stage.
At 7 am I had to meet a friend and had a walk under Prague castle.
At 8 am I met some drunken guys at Charles Bridge who wanted to have their picture taken and demand posting it on facebook. Due to good manners I won't do that. Last time I met two British girls there. It was incomparably more pleasant experience. And once before that I met a girl who looked just like younger Denise Richards there. But that is entirely different...

Thanks for your attention. We'll see each other soon :)