November 24, 2010

The press event

After a lot of preparation, we finally had the first of this weeks shows for press. And I like how she peeked :)
November 16, 2010

Few from Galerie Harfa

Bobek started the grand opening with his set. We definitely had the most DJs in the whole shopping center during the day :)

A quick stand in in the styling corner.


... her legs and a saxophone.

Almost at the end.

There's also a new Apple store in Galerie Harfa. Our new background image stayed there for about ten minutes. Then they changed it to something blue.

And a these were our DJs for the day...

November 10, 2010

Galerie Harfa - the newest shopping center in Prague

The newest shopping center in Prague - Galerie Harfa - opens tomorrow. From what we saw today, while preparing for the grand opening, it will be a beauty :)

And below is a short clip of how we moved around :)

November 9, 2010

New in old

New Dodge in Old town :)
November 8, 2010

Alone in the dark

Frantiskanska garden just a few minutes before it closes. So unusually lonely.
November 7, 2010

Sunday night lights

... mostly of those returning home.
November 6, 2010

Lost in Germany

Let me introduce you to my trip planning. I looked at the map, found out that the map ends like 10km before the end of my journey, so I opened google maps, looked at the last 10km and said "yeah, that will be easy". Several hours later I got lost in Germany... and when it got dark and rainy it even wasn't funny :) The picture above is a photo of a map I took to at least partially know where I was going :)

Bad Schandau and its splendid hotels :)

And a little something for Sunday afternoon. You have to see this Coco Rocha's wedding video :)
November 4, 2010

Something strange, Kotva opens and an apple

Something strange at the cubist shop.

The big Kotva department store re-opens today.

And I bought the new iLife :)