March 7, 2010

Some new photos...

I have a few photos I'd like to show you...

Like this never ending attempt to write a letter without a mistake :)

Late night at work.

In Aero Cinema. Well, you have to experience this one by yourself as it is a living organism. People go in and out during projection, the projection might get, well, terribly wrong etc. But there are films you won't see anywhere else. And it's not that bad after all. Just go there when you're in Prague.

... oh, and their entrance is very dangerous :)

Now the snow series.

Our family had this car when I was younger. It was great! :)

Exhibition of artists who were rejected from various art academies. I think the title was "under the line".

We were there with a friend...

... who had her own exhibition just week later.

In Vienna...

... to see Andy Warhol's Cars and Annie Leibovitz's exhibition. Plus some others. Wonderful time. And Andy Warhol's Cars is the best exhibition I've seen in a while.

In a train back to Prague.

My swimming essentials :)

With Honza and

Terka discussing the babysitting options. Honza's baby to be clear.

Misa after she passed an exam involving the paintings she has...

... mainly to cover her face.

Must have been Sunday morning or something like that. In bed with guitar and facebook :)

I got this extraordinary book from one extraordinary person :)

Late afternoon lunch time.

And a very very long walk starting at Old Town square.

Ending in Holesovice. The home of Ogilvy offices.

And DOX Gallery. I didn't enjoy the exhibition that much. Still, the poster for it was cool :)

2 in 1. This will be a local joke.

I couldn't resist the Robert Redford's cover when I saw it in the library.

Then I couldn't resist the pancake evening with Arizona Dream at Tomas'.

Here are the 4 GB of ram. With which the youtube videos play much more better.

After a press event in Bratislava we went to see the brand new Sheraton hotel. As one could expect, it's a top class. And the people here are so nice and helpful.

We went out with my friends who take care of me while I'm in Bratislava :)

At the end... my shoes fell in love with Lubka's shoes.