April 30, 2009

It was a lovely sunset today

The last day of April means one thing: burning of the witches and a lot of concerts all around the Prague.

But this year we also had a lovely sunset and a bit of raining.
April 29, 2009
April 28, 2009
April 26, 2009

New Yorker at Wenceslas square

New Yorker at Wenceslas square, Prague
There are two most used meeting points at Wenceslas square. You either meet under the horse (upper part of Wenceslas square) or as you can see in front of New Yorker store (lower part).

Eurobot 2009 in Prague

Eurobot 2009 in Prague
I have a confession to make. I love robots and enjoyed their tournament very much :)
This was Eurobot 2009 competition.

Eurobot 2009 in Prague
Scores ... who would have thought that robots tournaments are so exciting.

Eurobot 2009 in Prague
"Starter" category. This team built their robot only from Lego (and some wires :)

Eurobot 2009 in Prague

Eurobot 2009 in Prague
Sometimes they looked like they were fishing.

Eurobot 2009 in Prague
Lot of people watching...

Eurobot 2009 in Prague
... boys, girls, children.

Eurobot 2009 in Prague
Hat off to all contestants. Sure it isn't easy to compete in this kind of tournament.
April 22, 2009

Wednesday Doorway - BILLA

BILLA grocery store at Argentinska street, Prague
BILLA grocery store at Argentinska street.

BTW, did anybody see Vratne lahve movie? (I believe the English title is Empties.) Because what Zdenek Sverak did in this movie I was doing in this grocery store many many years ago :) Obviously, there's a machine for it now. But it was fun.
April 20, 2009

Boy on a bike

Boy on a bike, Prague
Again visiting Zbraslav, which is extremely lovely on sunny Sunday afternoons.

Also, this is my first post for Monochrome Monday. If you check the site you'll find some familiar faces :) All in black and white, of course.
April 19, 2009

Corinthia Towers and Nuselsky bridge

Corinthia Towers and Nuselsky bridge, Prague

Corinthia Towers and Nuselsky bridge, Prague

Saturday's bunch

It was a school Saturday but there's always time for Frantiskanska garden during lunch break. Even though it's rainy and coldy nowadays.

Mini in front of Prague City Hall which is moved here close to Narodni trida for a few months now.

A little hidden tram stop behind National Museum.

Zitna street at 8 am. [Going to school]

Zitna street at 8 pm. [Going from school]

This is the one day ticket for public transport. It costs 100 CZK (like 4 EUR) and this was the first time I saw it in person :) Advantage of those "day" tickets is that you can have a big luggage for free with you (otherwise you pay 13 CZK for big luggage's ticket).
April 16, 2009

... and the Easter tree is still there

Easter tree at Old Town square
At Old Town square the Easter celebrations are still running. Following Kakna's yesterday story...
April 15, 2009

Wednesday Doorway - Lipence

Prague - Lipence
From a village Lipence in the most southern part of Prague.
April 14, 2009

1/2 of Roxette and 1/1 of Tina in Prague this month

Roxette and Tina posters for their Prague concerts
... and now I have Joyride stuck in my head, very well done. (btw, I bet you haven't seen this version of their song :) Do you remember them?

Out and in to Prague

In Prague
Looking towards Prague.

Out of Prague
Looking out of Prague.

Long Easter weekend was ending today so people were returning to Prague. I hope you had a chance to enjoy it too :)
April 12, 2009
April 11, 2009

Longish one

Saturday is good for washing and drying your shoes. And going for a walk then...

You can dry more things than shoes on Saturday, of course.

Old ladies chatting in a park.

There were a lot of colors.

Back to shoes.

People on bikes.

People in canoes.

Flying things stuck in trees.

Writing a novel on a small laptop.

Selling postcards in front of the Powder gate.

Wenceslas square with a lot of people.

And that's all for today.