March 31, 2007

Saturday morning

St. Vitus Cathedral at 10 am on Saturday. A lot of tourists, mostly Italians. The entry fee is 100 Kc (Czech crowns; that is about 3.50 Euro). But it is going to be entirely free from next week. And starting tomorrow Prague castle's gardens are being opened.

Like this one for example:

Well, I have to add one more. At Ujezd, just under the Petrin hill.

March 30, 2007


March 28, 2007

Park at Charles square

Park at Charles square. It isn't so obvious at the first sight but Charles square is the biggest square in the Czech Republic (thus being bigger than Wenceslas square). And it's basicaly a big park in the centre of Prague :)
March 27, 2007

See that puppy

Watching the street from a fancy cafe near Wenceslas square.
100% attention getter :)
March 26, 2007

Shiny day

Today was a wonderful day. Prague looks so good in this weather.
March 25, 2007

At Dejvice

View from our school to the chemist's school :)

By the way, we plant out almost thousand trees during this weekend at Sumava - that's in the southern part of Czech Republic and one of the last few places with snow. (again on Flickr)
March 22, 2007


Andel is the new center of Prague. It's close to everything, there are trams to almost anyplace in Prague and there's a metro station. And there's a big shopping center, two multicinemas and much much more (including small Prague Apple store :).
Andel is angel in English and it got its name after a sculpture of angel which was there many years ago.
March 21, 2007


One of our classrooms at school. One of the less comfortable. But with a great view :)
March 20, 2007

Bus stop

March 19, 2007

In metro

March 18, 2007


From yesterday's walk around Zbraslav. This is the southern end of Prague.
March 17, 2007


There are only a few of these corvettes in Czech Republic. Two of mine friends are happy owners of two of them. I saw another one - from seventies - a while after this one passed by. Coincidence?
March 16, 2007

Empty school

Empty school at Dejvice. Our last class ends after 5 pm on Friday.
March 15, 2007
March 14, 2007

Husova street

Husova street at Old Town.

I once ordered a dvd at a webshop and chose option "pick up at our store at Husova street". I went there the second day, walk through the street several times unable to find the store. Well, they have Husova street in Brno, the second biggest city in the Czech republic, about 200 km from Prague, too :) Friend of my father's friend had to go, pick it up and a month later gave me the dvd on her way to Prague.
March 13, 2007

Working late

We're usually among the last in our building to leave. And this is, as you probably guessed, the view from our office :)
March 12, 2007

Sunday walking

Photo from Sunday. Neighbourhood to Vystaviste fairground in Holesovice - Stromovka park. This is a huge and beautiful park. Especially in that nice weather that we have in Prague these days.
March 11, 2007

Motocycle show

From Motorcycle show that ended today at Vystaviste fairground at Holesovice. There were so many people. They say there were over 20.000 of them on Saturday. I bet on the same number today. It was sunny and there's Matejska pout amusement park in the fairground, too. This makes it the perfect place to spend Sunday :)

More photos from the motorcycle show at Flickr.

And by the way. You may know Eurovision song contest. Czech Republic joined it for the first time this year and the winer from our national round is band "Kabat" with song "Mala dama". They are very popular in Czech Republic and it was no surprise they won in the text message voting. You can see them on YouTube.
March 10, 2007

Books in library

This describes the photo from wednesday. It's a pillar made of books (most of them are the political books from the communist era, I think). And it has mirrors inside: one at the top, one on the bottom. So when you look inside it seems to be infinite deep. It is strange when you look there for the first time. People are usually scared to bend over because they don't want to fall :) But when you bend over enough, you'll see yourself in the mirror.
March 9, 2007

Pull and Bear at Chodov

This changing room at Pull and Bear's was so huge. We have only one Pull and Bear store in Prague (as far as I know). It's at Chodov shopping centre. It's at the metro station Chodov and it is pretty big. They have a couple of dinosaur's skeletons displayed here right now :)
March 8, 2007

At school

This is at one of our school's buildings. This is kind of hidden place at the top floor in the section that is only partly used by MBA students. Great if you don't want to be bothered by anybody. I had another even more abandoned place in our second building at Karlovo square. In the tower with big window you could sit in :)
March 7, 2007


Lots of books ... in municipal library. Where else could you find sooo many books :)
March 6, 2007

Svetozor cinema

Svetozor passage with Svetozor cinema. They do art films here. Well, something between really art cinemas and multicinemas. If you look properly, you'll see a queue. That's for ice cream. Spring is already in Prague :)
March 5, 2007

Narodni trida metro station

Narodni trida metro station. They are repairing the right steps.
March 4, 2007

World of Beauty 2

One of the beauties from yesterday's trade fair in Holesovice. This is the last photo from this event. I swear :) The rest is on Flickr
March 3, 2007

World of Beauty

All of them were waiting for the next part in programme of World of Beauty and Spa Trade Fair which was held in Holesovice fairground. There'll be Motorcycle show next week and Veteran Car Show in May (at which we'll be participating).
March 2, 2007

McDonald at Na Prikope street

I worked in McDonald many many years ago :) Not here. This McDonald is really a smaller one. But the only one in the center of Prague where you can sit outside.
March 1, 2007

Broadway at Na Prikope street

There used to be a cinema. One with the best sound in those days. There's a Broadway theatre now. And also a language school. The entry is just under the "Divadlo" sign (which means "theatre"). I attend german class here.

This all is on Na Prikope street. One of the most expensive streets in Prague. It leads to Wenceslas square.