November 26, 2009

Night in Prague

Night in Prague
Crossing Libensky bridge to Maniny and Holesovice. At that time I always think of Kakna :)

Night in Prague
And people waiting for the night bus at Museum near the top of Wenceslas square. Until now I even didn't know there was a bus stop. You learn something new every day.
November 25, 2009

Are you afraid of highs?

Working in highs, Prague
Guess these people can't be... :)

Working in highs, Prague

Working in highs, Prague
November 24, 2009

This is my kind of autumn

Autumn in Prague
A lot of sun.

Autumn in Prague
And a lot of leaves.

... in reality, it is spectacularly colorful.

PS: And it's here... every time I use word spectacular American Beauty comes to my mind. Sorry, I couldn't help it.
November 23, 2009

Urban beauties

Yes, I am that weirdo who likes walks in the grey and ugly urban areas.
This is what you find in more than several places in Prague.

November 22, 2009

Sunday book club (directly from bed) - Jim Carroll and The Basketball Diaries

Jim Carroll - The Basketball Diaries
After seeing the movie The Basketball Diaries last year I finally found the Jim Carroll's book in our library. Well, I didn't expect it to be in the (almost) children section, but whatever. It's my bedtime book for now. The movie would be a better fit if you don't have time for the book. And you will be able to see young Leonardo DiCaprio in it, too :) Have you seen This Boy's Life, What's Eating Gilbert Grape or Celebrity?
November 21, 2009

Mecca, Midnight Cowboy, Usti, Ocko, etc.

Is there another way to start the weekend's long post than with Jirka? We were at this... ehm... "exhibition" where they forbade us to take pictures.

So we went to our favorite pizzeria near Holesovice fairground and looked at the cooks.

The first time we were in this restaurant was on Thursday July 14, 2005. For which I have a proof :) There are some great post on that blog from 2005... if you speak Czech.

... the view.

So it happened that we got a lot of tickets to Vogue party in club Mecca.

Here is Maruska, my unbelievably skillful, smart and cute colleague.

And here is the upstairs of Mecca.

Sorry, I don't know what was meant by this.

There was a fashion show by ODD:ROOM designers. I have to say Iva Burkertova and her skirts are my favorite. You can see them in all their beauty on her blog.

Oh, and there was champagne.

We went to see Midnight Cowboy on Saturday afternoon. You can see the poster just above the District 9 one.

It's a pretty intense movie.

And there were like 10 people in the small screening room in Svetozor cinema. Did I mention I adore that movie? One of my all time favorites. Not everybody fells like that, though.

Moving to Usti nad Labem. Bobek and Monika.

Bobek kind of became a photographer of the whole day. Starting with his camera and then with Monika's camera...

... and then with my camera. He took more good pictures that day with my camera than I took during the whole year. He's just good. And passionate.

Monika - being great, looking stunning... as usual. By the way, you can check Monika's blog. Well, it's only in Czech, but there are pictures sometimes :)

Chris and Monika. I like Chris DJing. The years of experience really shows. His talent helps a lot, too :)

Meanwhile, Bobek still on his photo-documenting quest.

Couldn't miss Adriana giving autographs.

Natural born photographer.

Natural born model.

And Radovan, the real pro-photographer. If you're into photo equipment (like I am), you can imagine my excitement when we (well, mostly he, I was just looking) did a photo-shoot for our client with his Hasselblad with a digital back a few years ago. He uses his 1Ds mark III for these smaller gigs now :)

Once, or twice, again Chris and Monika.

These nice girls had the hardest job. Recruiting people to Billa club from 8 am to 9 pm. In those cute-looking, but impossible-to-stay-all-day-in dresses.

In Ocko club, also known as former Pacha or former Hany Bany.
And Who's That Girl? (Do you remember the movie? :)

Monika... but that was easy.

Adriana was there, too. Actually, she was there to launch a new issue of a tabloid magazine. Not that easy life when you have regular job and you work hard on your singer career at the same time.

And then everybody went home.

The end.
November 20, 2009

Hilton hotel with its Cloud 9

Prague Hilton hotel with its Cloud 9
I recommended it before and will gladly do that again... Cloud 9 bar at the top of Hilton hotel at Florenc is one of my favorites. Nothing compares to sitting on the terrace and having a drink or two there :)
November 19, 2009
November 18, 2009

Sunday's forest alley

Thousands of people live literally few steps away from this alley near Novodvorska leading to a forest park. A great loss for those who didn't enjoy it on the perfect sunny Sunday we just had. It was hard to resist not to go out. Actually, we're having quite a nice autumn in Prague this year :)
November 17, 2009

Flowers, stamps, and the revolution

Flower show near Svetozor, Prague
Flowers at the Svetozor passage.

Stamps shop at the Svetozor, Prague
Stamps shop at the Svetozor passage.

Exhibition at Wenceslas square, Prague - 20 years from Velvet Revolution
... and Prague was full of reminiscences of the Velvet Revolution. It's a 20 years anniversary today.