September 30, 2007

Tax office for Prague 5

Tax office for Prague 5
I scheduled an hour just to wait for registration at Prague 5's tax office but what a big surprise. I was done in 15 minutes.
September 29, 2007

Canon 40D at 3200 iso - Prague bus night shot

Canon 40D at 3200 iso - Prague bus night shot
While waiting for a bus at Smichovske nadrazi bus station. As I've said before, Smichovske nadrazi is a station where people from Prague outskirt change from bus and train to metro and tram to go further inside Prague. And this is the actual bus I was waiting for.

I took this picture to try 3200 iso on my new Canon 40D :) You can see the big picture at Flickr (click on "All sizes" to view the 9 MB file). Time 1/20 and aperture 2.2 ... it was really pretty dark here.
September 28, 2007

Find a good bank in Prague by the cars standing by

There's a good way to find yourself a bank. Just look at the cars its customers have. So this is my new bank :)

Novy Smichov - Prague's best shopping center in the center

Novy Smichov shopping center at Prague
Backstreet look at the shopping center Novy Smichov. It is probably the best "in the Prague center" shopping center in Prague :) ... considering people going to and actually shopping here. The shopping center at Flora (also a metro station) may be as popular as Novy Smichov. Chodov (also a metro station :) would follow. Novodvorska Plaza and Eden would be on the other end - they are definitely not successful. Then there are "on the outskirts" shopping centers, but I won't bother you with them.

We will have a new shopping center very close to Old Town. But not as close to ruin the historical feel of Prague. It is called Palladium and is located at Namesti Republiky square (also a metro station). Opening of Palladium will be a big event. A lot of new brands entering the Czech market will have their first shops here. Palladium is at a very lucrative place - it is just a minute from Prague's shopping street Na Prikopech. Palladium opens on October 25.

PS: Abbreviation for shopping center in Czech language is OC ("obchodni centrum"). Do you know anything else named OC? Maybe a TV serie? :)

PPS: Lindex is one of the new brands in Czech republic. Actually they opened their first shop in Brno just a week ago and will be at Palladium, too. If you are from Norway/Sweden/Finland - do you know Lindex? What do you think?
September 26, 2007

Splendid place to park your car in Prague

Great place to park your car in Prague
If I was an Audi wagoon I wouldn't park anywhere else but here. This part of Prague is called Smichov and Smichov is usually known just as a big bus and train station where people from Prague outskirts change to metro or tram. But it has its beauty, too. It is hidden in the hills. And you can see the depth in front of the car. The buildings are amazing here. Lot of them looks like a little mansions, almost non of them is repaired. So you can literally feel the history here. It was well worth not taking the bus and having a short walk here.
September 25, 2007

Weirdest Industrial Sculptures Place in Prague

Weirdest Industrial Sculptures Place in Prague
Right at Nadrazi Holesovice station (metro, bus and tram - there are no more options) at Holesovice. There used to be a driver's school. Don't know if it is still here. But I think there's a pub (or bar or club) here now. They are growing these sculptures for years... very successfully. And I lied in the title. This is not the Weirdest Industrial Sculptures Place in Prague now. There's a street exhibition at Andel (also a bus, metro and tram station). There are sculptures made of old computers and various home appliances. They are over 3 metres high and from what I remember they are in the shapes of prehistoric animals. I should go there again and take a picture of them so you can compare which place is weirder. Hope they will not be gone on weekend.

PS: I took this shot over a curved tram window, thus the blur in some places.
September 24, 2007

Kinetik Apple Store in Prague

Kinetik Apple Store in Prague
Kinetik Apple Store is one of the few Apple-friendly places in Prague. Actually, it is along with Apple store at Revolucni street the only real shop with Apple products in Prague. The others are like small kiosks in shopping centers or places only Apple fans know and go there to buy concrete things - not just to look at new products.

Kinetik Apple Store is situated at Andel metro station. They do a lot of free seminars here. And I bought Pages here few years ago, too :) You can visit them at
September 23, 2007

Summer in Prague is over

Summer in Prague is over
Summer is officially over. Tomorrow is the last sunny day in Prague. Then the rains will come.
September 22, 2007

Jan Hus Statue in Prague (the lesser famous one)

Jan Hus Statue in Prague
Jan Hus Statue in Zbraslav, at the southern part of Prague. Jan Hus is one of the great men in Czech history as you can find out at this Wikipedia page by yourself.

This statue was build in 1935. Forty years after the first idea of Jan Hus' statue emerged. It was almost melted during the second world war, but some people hid it and so we can have it here in Zbraslav nowadays.
September 21, 2007

Prague Sunset Silhouettes

Prague Sunset Silhouettes
Warm late afternoon in Prague, on the boat on Vltava river.

Mango ad in the water and on the Prague's house

Mango ad at Prague
I was eating my late afternoon quickie meal in the middle of Wenceslas square. In front of a tiny red car that was reflecting in the water. But I hadn't finished it and the old lady came and drove away. So I took a picture of this Mango ad that is on one of the old buildings at Wenceslas square.

Actually Prague's city hall decided to dramatically lower the number of those kind of ads. They don't want them to cover Prague houses. Usually they are used when the house is being reconstructed. To cover the scaffolding.

I read an interview with the head of Prague's institution that takes care - among others - of the renovation of Prague's statues and sculptures. He said his idea was to offer the place on the scaffolding to advertisers in exchange for financing the renovation. Unfortunately, he wasn't successful at his superiors. I think this is a smart idea as there is only a very limited budget for renovations.
September 19, 2007

Prague's most known PC and IT store

Alza store at Holesovice, Prague
Almost all IT guys at Prague buy their stuff here. This is a warehouse of Alzasoft company at Holesovice. I was there returning an infrared adapter only to find out their returning window closed just as I got here. Well, it was my mistake. I took a tram that went the opposite way than I wanted to go and lost that few minutes that caused a friend of mine has to go there tomorrow instead of me.

Holesovice is one of the fastest growing Prague parts. It was renovated after the floods few years ago - it is right at Vltava river. There is a lot of new projects here as well. Including office spaces and amazing flats at the river. Most of these development projects have "marina" in its name.
September 18, 2007

Cleaning the streets of Prague

Cleaning the streets of Prague
Streets of Prague 1 are clean after weekend.
September 17, 2007

Shopping weekend in Prague with Marianne

Shopping in Prague with Marianne
Marianne magazine issued a bunch of discount coupons for the top shops in Prague for this past weekend and you can see Prague's centre full of shopping girls and women with a red bag with Marianne logo. They have this stand in the upper part of Wenceslas square, too.
September 16, 2007

... for a richer life (Ferrari in Prague)

Ferrari in Prague
"For a richer life" is the slogan on the window display of CSOB bank. It suits that Ferrari quite well, don't you think? I would mention that this is at Na Prikopech street. The most expensive shopping street in Prague. Actually it is even the 18th most expensive shopping street in the whole world.

The most trendy top-luxury car in Prague is coupe from Bentley right now. I remember times when Audi TT was the most popular. It usually happens during summer. One type of luxury car starts to appear more and more often and then it looks like everybody has one. It was Mercedes SL few years ago and I predict that it will be Mercedes CL next year. That car is awesome.

PS: There's a cafe in Prague which belongs to one of Ferrari owners and they meet there with their cars quite often. It's close to Charles bridge. I will show it to you later.
September 15, 2007

Canon 40D in Prague

Canon 40D in Prague
Canon EOS 40D had its Czech premiere this week and you know what? They were out of stock of all Prague photo stores in the first two days. I was fortunate enough to find a shop that actually has the last one. So I bought it :) And I fall in love with it after the first 30 minutes of exploring all of its possibilities.
September 14, 2007

Prague apartment at Charles bridge I want to live in

Prague apartment at Charles bridge
I count this apartment to one of my Prague's "'d like to live in" :) It is so close to Charles bridge and I bet the view - including Prague Castle - is fantastic. Lucky person who lives here.
September 13, 2007

New Cartier Store in Prague

New Cartier Store in Prague
Cartier has a new store in Prague. It is at the corner of Parizska street and Old Town square. You can look at my photo from January when there was only a big sign saying "opening in spring". Well, it took a little longer.
September 12, 2007

Alchymist Garden Restaurant in Prague

Prague - Alchymist restaurant
This picturesque Alchymist garden restaurant is located near Charles bridge and Kampa, right in the heart of the old part of Prague. I discovered it while looking for a right photo for the last DP theme day (Prague Street lights and signs). It is a tourist's restaurant heaven on this side of Charles bridge because there are so many cute restaurants well worth spending your time at here.
September 11, 2007

Prague pubs: U Maleho Glena

Prague pubs: U Maleho Glena
View from a window at U Maleho Glena pub. This is a pub really close to Prague Castle - actually being right under it - and Charles bridge. There are music concerts at the underground hall (it is a famous jazz and blues music club as well). And if you go there you'll see photos on the wall. Those are the photos of a friend of mine. Unfortunately I haven't been there nor see them. I was only at the upper pub enjoying the old Prague atmosphere here - with a glass of not Czech beer.

You can rent a room at U Maleho Glena also. I would say you can hardly find better placed accommodation in Prague than this one.
September 10, 2007

Prague sky we haven't seen in Prague lately

Prague sunset we dont see in Prague lately
There have not been that clear sky in Prague for a long time now. The summer holidays are over and so is the summer weather. Tomorrow is said to be the coldest day of this week. Well, it was so cold in Prague last week that we have to wear a winter jackets not to freeze all over.

By the way, this is Jecna street and down the way is Charles square and a little more down the way is Vltava river.

Garden Restaurant at Slovansky Dum

Garden Restaurant at Slovansky Dum
Garden restaurant at Slovansky dum. I don't know why but every time I go through there (this is a quick way to get from Jindrisska street to Na Prikopech street) I have the same feeling as when I was going along the restaurants at France's Cap d'Agde promenade. Really don't know why. There's no sea, even no fish restaurants. Just the feel of this place is the same - maybe it's that holiday great spent evening feel which is the same here.
September 7, 2007

From Underground to Prague's biggest square

Prague - Metro Exit
Exit at Karlovo namesti metro station to the square of the same name. It is Charles square in English and it is Prague's biggest square with tram connections to the most places in Prague. Literally, you will get everywhere in Prague from Charles square by tram.

Have a great weekend! :)

Canonet QL17 + expired Fujichrome 100/1000 slide film
September 6, 2007

Mercedes at Prague's Old Town

Prague - Mercedes at Old Town
Under Church of Our Lady in front of Týn and with Old Town square at the end of this street. Quite a nice place to park your car :)

There's a classic music shop in this street. They play this music all day long. Pretty loud. So you can enjoy centuries old architecture of Prague with centuries old music. But not many people stop here. It's just a quick way to get to Old Town square.

Canon 50E + expired Fujichrome 100/1000 slide film
September 5, 2007

Girl in Prague Subway

Girl in Prague Subway
At Nadrazi Holesovice metro station. Close to one of Prague's fashion schools (there are two in Prague, I think). She might be going to that school now. At least she wanted to when we accidentally met (in front of that school) and I took this picture of her (in front of a Prague Metro map).

Canon 50E + Ilford Pan 400
September 4, 2007

Girl we saw in the Prague streets

Prague - girl on the street
A photo from a photo shooting of well dressed people in the streets of Prague. We saw her going from the supermarket carrying a whole lot more bags than one person can carry. She was just after grocery shopping. And she looked like this. She would go straight to the pages of a fashion magazine :)

Building at Strasnice

Prague - Strasnice
This is one of the newer buildings at Prague district Strasnice. They have one of the Prague skateparks nearby and also a shop with lcd monitors (good prices and have the actual monitors in the shop). That was the reason I was here. But as I didn't write their address I completely forgot it and after a half an hour of searching I gave up. It was late, too. Maybe next time.

Canonet QL17 + Fujichrome 100/1000 slide film
September 2, 2007

Prague Food Festival at Museum Kampa

Prague Food Festival at Museum Kampa
Next weekend there'll be Prague Food Festival at Museum Kampa. So if you're in Prague and love great food you can't miss this festival. Entry fee for Prague Food Festival is 350 Kc (that's about 13 Euro or 17 US dollars) and you can taste the best of the best 12 Prague and Czech restaurants every one of the three festival days. You'll get all the details about Prague Food Festival 2007 at the
(I already regret that I won't be in Prague in the time of the food festival.)

There is also an exhibition Andy Warhol - Disaster relics: Selected prints at Museum Kampa. Very good and definitely worth seeing as my friend told me last week. And by the Andy Warhol poster on the picture you can see which building Museum Kampa is (as seen from Charles Bridge).

Theme Day: Prague Street lights and signs

Prague street lights and signs
Welcome to Prague Daily Photo! Hope you're enjoying the Daily Photo blogs' Theme day for the month of September.

This light is right in front of the Prague Castle overlooking the whole Prague (really a lovely place :). The signs will guide you to Prague Castle (the left one) and to Charles bridge and the church of St. Nicholas (the right ones). Well, you can get to Charles bridge even if you go to the other side. It is as simply as going anyway down from the hill Prague Castle stands on.

Picture taken with Canonet QL17 (as well as a lot more here at Prague DP) and Kodak Tri-x.

Thanks for your visit, hope we'll see each other again soon :) Wonder where in the whole world you will go now:
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