June 30, 2007

(Almost) candid shot of a girl on an escalator

Picture of the escalator at Mustek metro station (at the centre of Prague).

I did it only because of that girl :)

And because I have a camera in my hand. Because it didn't fit into my to the top filled bag (with other cameras :)

The weather forecast for the weekend in Prague (and the whole Czech Rep.) is very promising. I think we'll have a great time. Hope you'll have a great time too :)
June 29, 2007

This is my wake-up alarm-clock machine

This is my new wakeing-up machine. That green something.

Of course, it is not alone. Every now and then cames a small truck *with what it seems to be from the terrible noise* full of glass and unload everything on the street.

Ohh, it looks they are going to be done in a few minutes :)

Prague is under heavy reconstruction every summer holidays. Lots of people leave and thus this bothers less. And the traffic jams are *not that bad* as they would be a month ago. I bet you have the same schema in your city, don't you :)
June 28, 2007

Walking on a metro tube

I think it was cheaper to build the metro tube not-underground.

You can walk on it now :)

From station to station.
June 27, 2007

Prague's New Town City hall at sunset

It's always like this in the evening. And it looks really nice :) This is Prague's New Town City hall. Located just at the Charles square. A friend of mine had her wedding in here many years ago.
June 26, 2007

Rajska zahrada - one of the "design" stations of Prague metro

Rajska zahrada metro station is one of Prague's newer stations - those that were built during the last 10-15 years. The difference between them and Prague's older ones is really big. In the past all the stations were the same. Maybe the color was changing but nothing more. The new ones are built as an oportunities for the architects and Rajska zahrada is one of the nicest in Prague. But you can't tell from the photo :)

There's a metro wagon in the photo as it just arrived at the downstairs platform. Next station is final, it's called Cerny most (Black bridge) and is in the north-east part of Prague. I was, obviously :), at the upstairs platform and trains from here go to the centre of Prague and continue to the south-west part of Prague. This metro line has almost 30 stations at all and it takes about an hour from one end to the other.
June 25, 2007

There are boats on Vltava river

Just after I saw Jeremy's photo at Another Paris Daily Photo I knew what to post today. The boats on Vltava river I captured yesterday.

This is at the southern part of Prague called Branik. Not too far from Prague's center (a few stops by tram, actually). It was totaly devastated after floods few years ago and is one of the most beautiful places in Prague now. Well, it was popular place to spend a summerday in the first half of the last century - as is obvious from really old Czech movies.

This bay is used for fishermen's boats and there are tennis, volleyball and other playgrounds on the opposite side of the bay. Along with a kindof turists club's house - all in the style of that old movies, far away from a nowadays playgrounds and sports clubs. It has its own unique genius loci.

There's a lane for roller-skaters and for bicycles, too. Also one of the best in Prague and definitely one of the most romantic in Prague :) I'll post another picture of it later.

Oh, I almost forgot the big white boat in the background. You can go on a sightseeing cruise - short one from center of the Prague to the South and back, or to further places like Melnik (the junction of Vltava and Labe rivers). Or you can go to a boat party which are quite popular in Prague during summer :)
June 24, 2007

Prague ISF World Cup 2007 finals: Japan-USA 2:0

International Softball World Cup in Prague is over and the winner is Japan. Second place goes to USA. They played with each other twice before this match. 4:1 for USA the first time and 12:2 for Japan the second time (that was yesterday). And finaly 2:0 for Japan today. Congratulations to Japanese players!

As you can see, there were a lot of people. I think softball is on the rise at least in Prague. Or at least at this playground complex at Krc - it is said to be the best playground in the Czech Republic and people like to go there. They have other two tournaments starting next week here: Prague Softball Week and Prague Baseball Week.
June 23, 2007

It's raining in Prague

Weather was weird today. It was half an hour blue sky, sun shining, other half an hour dark sky, heavy raining. Thus making it almost impossible to visit any of Saturday's attractions in Prague - may it be music festival United Islands of Prague, International Softball World Cup or Science in the streets (showing the latest technical achievements and other interesting "science" stuff at a couple of squares in the centre of Prague; we were there with our cars last year - we have a video on YouTube to prove it :)

Hope you'll have a wonderful Sunday :)
June 22, 2007

Hotel Majestic Plaza

This hotel has very interesting exterior. Quite different to the buildings around it. It's a few steps from Wenceslas square. Don't know why I didn't notice it before.
June 21, 2007

Vltava River bank from Palacky bridge

These banks are changing for past couple of years. There were a lot of parking spaces here but Prague want to build a few kilometerts long promenade now. We already have a beach with a small swimming pool on the opposite side of Vltava river. There will be cultural programme on the bank during United Islands of Prague festival this weekend. And so on.
This is at Palackeho square (taken from Palackeho bridge) and there's an old fashioned fish restaurant nearby, just at the river. Highly recommended.
June 20, 2007

Girl in the window

She may be there just because of some free wifi internet she can't catch inside. Or she just likes to sit in the window :)
There's one part of Prague (not this) where everybody has access to a free wifi internet. Not extremly fast, but free of charge.
June 19, 2007

Why not put your cv on the house right in the centre of Prague

Curiculum Vitae on the old building at Jungmannovo square as a dissertation thesis of Tereza Janeckova.
June 18, 2007

Great top floor flat with a view on Prague

I love top floor flats with huge terraces in the downtown Prague. It must be great to live in this one. With the flowers, the great view and the restaurant downstairs :)
June 17, 2007

Botanic Gardens of Prague

Botanic gardens - just 4 tram stops from Wenceslas square. One of well hidden beautiful places in Prague.
June 16, 2007

Lady on a wall

This lady was sitting on a chair mounted 5 meters high on the wall. With a basket full of flowers.
June 15, 2007

St. John Church near Charles square

This is the church of St. John on the rock I talked about in yesterday's "hotel entrance" post.
June 14, 2007

Hotel near Charles square

Hotel nearby St. John's church, near Charles square - I bet there is no other hotel at Prague's center with that spectacular garden entrance :)