September 16, 2007

... for a richer life (Ferrari in Prague)

Ferrari in Prague
"For a richer life" is the slogan on the window display of CSOB bank. It suits that Ferrari quite well, don't you think? I would mention that this is at Na Prikopech street. The most expensive shopping street in Prague. Actually it is even the 18th most expensive shopping street in the whole world.

The most trendy top-luxury car in Prague is coupe from Bentley right now. I remember times when Audi TT was the most popular. It usually happens during summer. One type of luxury car starts to appear more and more often and then it looks like everybody has one. It was Mercedes SL few years ago and I predict that it will be Mercedes CL next year. That car is awesome.

PS: There's a cafe in Prague which belongs to one of Ferrari owners and they meet there with their cars quite often. It's close to Charles bridge. I will show it to you later.