September 18, 2008


Prague - Mercedes
(I think it's pretty obvious I'm a car guy.) I took this at historical cars race at Zbraslav. It's a race up the hill (I guess the correct term is different but you do understand me, right? :) and it's pretty old. The first was there in 1908! We used to climb trees along the up hill road, watch the cars go by and eat apples and peers from the branches when we were young. That was in the nineties not in 1908. You can get the idea of the first races on these three photos I found.

Car-related PS: I accidentally stumbled upon this special screening of Back To The Future movie with more than a dozen of DeLoreans. Now, imagine beaded Back To The Future DeLorean. Wouldn't that be cool? Well, it is. Only at The Lone Beader :)

See you tomorrow