December 15, 2008

When it's cold outside you should go to a hot club

Obcanska plovarna in Prague
Here's a snapshot from Obcanska plovarna (which is actually better in summer as it is right at the river). If you look carefully you can see a girl holding microphone. That's Agata Hanychova - our own Czech version of Paris Hilton girl. Now you know just one more thing about Czech Republic that your friends don't know. For sure :)

There's also the newest club in Prague called Prdel. At Zitna street very close to Charles square. And to improve your Czech skills even more, you can click here to find out what Prdel actually means in our language. (Sorry I didn't warn you.)

The third fact for today's post is that all good clubs and restaurants in Prague are already fully booked for Christmas parties. Well, this goes from the last week on.