August 13, 2007

Prague's Main train station with Harry Potter

Prague's Main train station with Harry Potter
I read about how Czech Warner Bros. is promoting the new Harry Potter movie at Prague's Main train station in today's Marketing & Media magazine when I realized I did take a picture of it yesterday on my way home. I though it was something completely different but it really is Harry Potter. The ad is on the front of the train station roof.

Coincidentally my colleague's daughter told me almost everything about the last Harry Potter book today. She read an illegal translation of it. Illegal translation of Harry Potter books are quite common in the Czech republic because there are lots of fans who don't want to wait till the official Czech Harry Potter book is out. It is months of waiting. And all of those who read the illegal Harry Potter will buy the book anyway. So why not.

I read the first four Harry Potter books. Then it took so long till the fifth was out that I didn't continue. Maybe I'll just wait and watch it in the cinema - all seven parts at once :)

Have you read/seen Harry Potter books/movies?