September 26, 2009

Photos from summer (in case you have a minute or two to spare)

Don't you think the summer was kind of short? We had a lot of work and albeit sometimes it got pretty crazy it was fun.

Friend's daughter was getting married. So we took our cars and went to a wedding... which we almost crashed.

On the right - father of the bride. On the left is Pavel who does tens of weddings each year because he has a nice car and can't say no. He's a wedding pro.

We arrived at Konopiste castle for the ceremony.

It is a beautiful place. Not that far away from Prague.

Marty in a moment of deep thoughts. Many of my friends have deep thoughts during weddings.

And then it was over.

Friend's new car. A real attention grabber.

Visit in Trutnov. Getting ready for...

... this.

With Amira. Translation of her full name is Sweet Princess. Who she definitely is.

Our hosts Norbert and Vendula. They prepared a spectacular weekend for us.

In Janske lazne.

Where they make the absolutely best blueberry dumplings.

Amira found some blueberries here.

And a lot of mushrooms. Although this one was mine. I had to kiss it for some mushroom related reason.

Sunday in Hradec Kralove and this lovely restaurant.

Got back to Prague very late.

My new plant. Enjoying afternoon sun.

Oh, now we're getting to the double exposed roll... not intentionally, unfortunately. I bought six frames for photos I knew should have been superb on my walls. Well, that was long before I developed it. So, use your imagination here :) This photo is first from night with Adriana and first from our event in Ostrava.

It's all about the sharing. Doesn't matter the shared thing is a toothpaste.

Monika is a moderator from Fajn radio. And has her teeth always clean.

And here's Bob. He's a DJ and you can see him in various Prague clubs. Here he poses for a postcard from Ostrava.

Adriana in Prague and The Space exhibition in Ostrava (I had a photo of that exhibition when it was in Prague few months ago). But I wanted to say that Adriana is competing in Czech-Slovak Superstar. I bet she will go far. If you're Czech or Slovak you'll see her in TV soon.

If you plan visiting Ostrava you can't miss Stodolni street which is filled with clubs and bars. It's the most known party street of Moravia (that's the Eastern part of Czech Republic). We were here with Monika and Bob.

The second exposure is from Radost FX in Prague. Their lounge is so comfy and they're not expensive as one would expect.

Veronika and Daniela who we had in Ostrava. They are singers from Slovakia. And they are damn good. You can see their video on their website.

Here they are again. Along with Marek who is my Slovak colleague in Prague.

And Ester - DJ Elite. You can check her Myspace. She's the best DJ I know and you should see her playing live.

Monika at lunch with Adriana in the background.

We'll leave Monika now. In Prague we went to a party at Obcanska plovarna with Marek.

Who I forced to pose for me :) Still, see the girl? She poses much better. That's years of practice in a modeling world.

Klara is also a model and this was a great train coupe series. But I guess Marty won and you can see how he prepares his car for the wedding.

And Pavel, another wedding pro.

Sorry, just have a lot of pics from the wedding :) You can see my Camaro which looks not so good among the Cadillacs.

End of the summer party at Smichovska beach in Prague. I went here with Honza.

The food was delicious and we stayed much more longer than we should have.

Remember friend's new car? We borrowed it for us cars meeting in Chomutov. It was rainy in Prague.

But sunny in Chomutov. This car has no seats. Just a small carpet instead.

It creates a lot of noise and spin the wheels all the time. Lovely :)

Selection of friend's daughters. They evidently don't like the camera.

Still nothing.

You know Marek. In the borrowed Ford. Even though he doesn't like Fords.

Pavel (the one from wedding) in a jury deciding what cars are the best. You can tell he was quickly named as a head of that jury (not that difficult when you have only teenagers and young kids in your team).

And after we didn't win anything we went back to Prague.

Week later we had the biggest us car meeting in Czech Republic. In our terms that means 500 cars and 6000 people. Here is some important box.

Some people really don't like the camera.

But it is hard to resist.

Darek preparing his car in the early morning.

It's a 1957 Eldorado Brougham by Cadillac. The most cadillacish Cadillac ever made. And after years of renovation this one is probably one of the top in the world. Spectacular!

There were some exhibitions and burnouts while I was preparing papers for driving competition.

Surprisingly, this Caprice won.

Another crazy vehicle.

And my favorite Camaro.

Mirek has a sweet collection of cars. It might be strange but I like his black 1996 Impala SS the best.

Honza being suspicious.

Ivo won a prize with his Impala. This time with the old one. He has a few of them at home.

Darek showed us book from the Eldorado restoration. I took this photo only minutes after he registered on Facebook to became fan of our Cadillac club :)

Again Honza with his wife. They are expecting a baby. My tip to name him Brougham wasn't appreciated that much as I thought it would have been.

And some babies have already grown to kids. And kids like long straws.

Well, a side note from Bratislava: Sorry, not only kids like long straws.

The girls.

My favorite Cadillac (the blue one from the wedding).

Nicolas Cage had a similar one in Red Rock West.

Jana helped us with organization.

Back in Prague. We visited Robert Vano's exhibition in Manes. You can see his photos here. The exhibition is now in Leica gallery in Skolska street.

I almost forgot. We also visited friend's wife in a travel agency only to find out they are ending tours to the sea and starting with mountains now.

We were invited to Czech premiere of new Pedro Almodóvar movie. But there were so much work to complete... I was sorry we couldn't go.

Been in Slovakia for some time. This building is in Nitra.

I felt a weird mood from that city. Maybe it was just me. On the other hand we had a perfect hotel where they did wonders on every (stupid) request I told them.

We were there with Lubka. You can't see it but she has the most beautiful blue eyes.

Our Slovak DJ. You can check his Myspace as well.

A random photo. I wish I focused on Igor who is our moderator on Slovakia.

Martin from Komajota. Another Slovak music group I'd like to introduce to you :) Here's their website, although Myspace should be easier for you unless you know Slovak :) Also note that shooting ISO 25 film indoors isn't very practical (I have set ISO 800 on the digital body during these things).

The only picture from Bratislava, capital od Slovakia. The main bus station.

I was glad when I returned to Prague. We got stuck in the underground parking after seeing District 9. The parking ticket was somewhat wrong.

After all, the plant is doing fine.

As well as the pigeon.

And i have to say hi to "The French" :)

And that's the end of my excuse for not posting photos lately.