November 1, 2009

Designblok (with those glorious shoes) and a lot of photos with Jirka

At Designblok I fell in love with those shoes by Hana Vaňátková. They were fantastic! It was part of exposition of Old school - a group of three talented artists. I had a chance to speak with Pavel Brejcha who also designs shoes. He studied fashion design in Paris and worked for Balenciaga. Isn't that cool? You can see the shoes above in color here and more photos from their exposition in this article. Ok, enough of my obsession.

Jirka and his new friend. Also at Designblok. I hope Jirka won't kill me for posting all those photos of him.

We also met editors from Marianne Bydleni and Elle Decor magazines. This is Zuzana Bernasovská who presented her line of furniture here. She basically didn't find the right fit for one of her interior designs so she designed it herself and they are now producing it in a Czech factory.

Fountain outside the exhibition building in Holesovice. I think the building used for exhibition is going to be a building full of lofts.

Old school promo book and first issue of Okolo magazine. "Okolo" is a mix of words "around" and "bike" - it makes sense in Czech, you have to believe me :) If you're into bikes you will like their videos.

Exhibition hall in Holesovice. We were there to see a watch exhibition. But I captured only this small restaurant.

Unfortunately they weren't much customer oriented. But when you're hungry...

This is Jirka again with his wallet after dinner in "At the penguin's" restaurant.

We thought we would visit this bar at Svandovo theatre at Ujezd. Have a bottle of vine and have an intellectual talk unlike our usual silly chitchating.

Jirka under the horse at Wenceslas square.

Jirka at a restaurant he used to go when he was younger (that's like in the forties of fifties).

Jirka in McDonald. He doesn't like it there, I had to force him.

And now you know Jirka who's like the older brother I've never had.