August 29, 2010

Not a good one but at least it's something

So why not start with something embarrassing from Bratislava.

Still in Bratislava, the New bridge.

Now in Prague. We went to see a field hockey tournament with Honza and his family.

And she was the main reason we went there :)

In southern Bohemia, the home of our cottage.

Back (well, the photos are not in a good order...) in Bratislava. The new Eurovea shopping center which basically became the new center of the town. Kind of.

Prague, heading somewhere north with a bunch of pretty american cars.

Oh, here come the books. I've read so many lately. These are from Czech author Michal Viewegh. "Ucastnici zajezdu" is my favorite.

And this set arrived from Amazon. The "Outliers" and the "Linchpin" are great!

Some snow in Prague when it shouldn't have been there.

Well, definitely not in order because this is once again in Bratislava. This stand makes preparing delicious dinner a piece of cake.

... back at the field hockey tournament.

This is in fact a splendid public swimming pool somewhere in the northern Bohemia.

While this is the hidden beauty of the Prague outskirts...

Shopping in Prague.

With my little sister.

More books. "Hruškadóttir" from Jana Sramkova, who attended the same school as I did. And again Michal Viewegh, he's really one of the most popular and productive Czech authors of today. And he lived in the same building as I did when I was a little boy. Not that it matters anymore.

I liked the name of the street.

... and the gas station directly on the street. Which is quite rare in Czech Republic.

The view.

I guess he's famous everywhere :) He says something like "I dig you, babe." It was a welcome message for a friend.

Jirka. When we visited hospital to see Marek's new baby.

Here she is :)

It is a very nice place. If you're there just for a quick visit and don't have to stay there long and alone.

This was just a good meal. I even remember every minute of eating it. Taking a pleasant phone call. And then eating it again.

This one is from Czech elections. At my old elementary school.

Shoe in shoe. They fit perfectly into each other.

My favorite place on Earth. Sardegna.

In the middle of the night. In Germany, or in Italy. I am not sure.

But I remember this... it takes like forever to go to Sardegna by a boat.

Still worth it.

It was worth visiting Bratislava again :)

Cheers! :)