June 8, 2011

It's been a while...

And it's been such a big while that the first image is from winter!

And from Christmas when we were buying beads as Christmas gifts.

And this is our new Kindle :)

And this is the newly renovated and extremely fascinating building at Jindriska street.

And Sedlčanský hermelín and I :)

And these are the places I want to visit during summer in our Czech Republic.

And there were the big population census which the Czech post offices were handling.

And after 10 years with Nike Cortezes I went for NB (you won't believe what a decision this was).

And a bit of travelling from and to Prague Main train station.

And that they sell retro prams accros from the offices where I learnt about my new profession.

And that we found this big building in a forrest and we couldn't figure it out why it is here.

And Ploskovice chateau is sooo nice :)

And we organized the first us-cars meeting in this year in April.

And the best of all... we bought two kick scooters and enjoy the sun a lot! :)