June 25, 2007

There are boats on Vltava river

Just after I saw Jeremy's photo at Another Paris Daily Photo I knew what to post today. The boats on Vltava river I captured yesterday.

This is at the southern part of Prague called Branik. Not too far from Prague's center (a few stops by tram, actually). It was totaly devastated after floods few years ago and is one of the most beautiful places in Prague now. Well, it was popular place to spend a summerday in the first half of the last century - as is obvious from really old Czech movies.

This bay is used for fishermen's boats and there are tennis, volleyball and other playgrounds on the opposite side of the bay. Along with a kindof turists club's house - all in the style of that old movies, far away from a nowadays playgrounds and sports clubs. It has its own unique genius loci.

There's a lane for roller-skaters and for bicycles, too. Also one of the best in Prague and definitely one of the most romantic in Prague :) I'll post another picture of it later.

Oh, I almost forgot the big white boat in the background. You can go on a sightseeing cruise - short one from center of the Prague to the South and back, or to further places like Melnik (the junction of Vltava and Labe rivers). Or you can go to a boat party which are quite popular in Prague during summer :)