June 26, 2007

Rajska zahrada - one of the "design" stations of Prague metro

Rajska zahrada metro station is one of Prague's newer stations - those that were built during the last 10-15 years. The difference between them and Prague's older ones is really big. In the past all the stations were the same. Maybe the color was changing but nothing more. The new ones are built as an oportunities for the architects and Rajska zahrada is one of the nicest in Prague. But you can't tell from the photo :)

There's a metro wagon in the photo as it just arrived at the downstairs platform. Next station is final, it's called Cerny most (Black bridge) and is in the north-east part of Prague. I was, obviously :), at the upstairs platform and trains from here go to the centre of Prague and continue to the south-west part of Prague. This metro line has almost 30 stations at all and it takes about an hour from one end to the other.