October 6, 2007

Black Cadillac STS in Prague

Black Cadillac STS in Prague
I have a lot of photos of cars in Prague streets and I have quite a lot of this Cadillac STS at various places (like this one at Flickr). I think this is the only new generation STS in Prague. Maybe they have one or two at a showroom but I doubt there really are more of them in Prague, even in the Czech Republic.

Few years ago Cadillac (or better to say its local dealer) entered the Czech market with an interesting campaign. They cooperated with Mountfield, company that sells gardening stuff (from the smallest tools to swimming pools), and they have about 100 Cadillac CTS' in prices for buying that garden stuff. You can imagine what kind of reputation Cadillac got in Czech Republic after that. It definitely was not a luxury, always on the technology edge kind of vehicle.

I just got invitation for two big Cadillac meetings in Europe. There's one in May (organized by German Cadillac club and Cadillac & LaSalle Club) and one at the end of August (in Kremsmunster) - both in Germany.

And a friend of mine bought Cadillac Escalade ESV few months ago... he pulls his 1968 Dodge Charger behind it. Well, he has more great cars :) Actually, I have his Charger in a photoset on Flickr, too. Just click here and find it.