August 2, 2009

Few of my favorite places... and friends as well

Starting in Prague's FAMU. Department of Photography. Must be fun to study here.

In Hybernia. Our McDonald's alternative. Yep, they open at 8 am.

With friends who are afraid of cameras.

We went to see Coco avant Chanel. As I would have expected it was more about Coco than about Chanel.

TV Tower. A must picture.

From Cloud 9 sky bar on the top of Hilton hotel.

They make great drinks here.

And you can meet some interesting people.

My simpler and modest form of sky bar and lounge. Whilst reading Twilight.

Here you have another book tip: Susan Sontag's On Photography.

In Prague you can take a taxi as well as a carriage.

Jazz festival at Old Town square.

Three great people from New Yorker.

Katerina from Bravo Girl! model competition.

And that's me! :)

Let me introduce you to another person afraid of cameras.

Bobek the DJ.

Adriana the singer.

On weekend we visited our friend in hospital. Not a funny place.

Then we went for coffee in Palladium. The waitress looked very sad so we draw her a smiling sun on the bill before we left.

Window to Czech Social Democratic Party. At least they have headquarters at a nice place.

Again in Hybernia. Strawberry cocktail for breakfast.

And work during breakfast.

This beautiful place is next to Studio 91 modeling agency office and they even don't have time to enjoy it.

Which would take us to our office. You can see we are fans of Twilight, Emma Watson and Orion.

Oh, I almost forgot Miley.

Here is our potato man. (And this was my inspiration. Weird, don't you think?)

"Good work" says our potato man :)

Enjoy the rest of weekend!