February 15, 2007

Church at Jiriho z Podebrad square

Extraordinary church at Jiriho z Podebrad square (this would be something like George from Podebrady square in English :). It was build in the early 30s of the last century and is surrounded by a park. There's also a metro station called Jiriho z Podebrad.

There's a service for cameras and photographic equipment nearby. That's why I was here today. I was sent here by a guy from another service and told that this is the right place to have serviced my Mamiya. Unfortunately this is not the right place. It looks like that the only place in Prague where you can have your Mamiya repaired is at Mr. Kocian. Well, I'm going to visit him next week. (What a coincidence, he lives near my dentist's :)