January 7, 2009

Prague has a really spectacular main post office

Queue at Prague main post office at about 9 pm
But if you go there after 8 pm when they close the main hall you better prepare for a long long wait in a queue. Once you get past the half opened doors it's usually only 30-45 minutes. Unfortunately this is quite normal. The strangest thing is that in this almost night times people go there with tens of letters or packages so the only two post officers here have a lot of work with everybody. Unfortunately I go there with tens of letters or packages, too.

... and the queue gets even longer as you can see in this and this post. The record length is when it's taxes time :)

To see out main post office in all its beauty, please go see Kakna's image :)

PS: The guy in front of me was actually from FedEx.
PPS: There is "no photos" sign so I don't know how Kakna did that photo :)