June 23, 2009

Hannah Montana... and why I have the best of both worlds

Ok, this would be a weird post. I warn you ahead. Because it is weird when you are, well, old enough and still a fan of Miley Cyrus :) We have this Hannah Montana movie in Czech Republic right know and it's better than you would have thought. I don't have to tell you I was the oldest one in the audience. But(!), it was also advantage watching the film because when you know what the kids know and also what the kids cannot know (at least in my mind kids don't follow insides of this industry)... the experience is even better. I had a chance to talk with editor from popular Czech teenage magazine yesterday who was at Miley Cyrus' press event and we came to conclusion that she really is really good. So here you have it (I warned you). Hopefully you'll come back and not abandon this blog :)

PS: I have a picture of a sweet teddy bear as a treat for you for tomorrow :)