June 7, 2009


Going from underground at Wenceslas square. You can see Wenceslas on the horse who is kind of a symbol of the whole square. Long before mobile phones existed when people wanted to meet each other they usually said "meet me under the horse at 8".

Saw this few hours ago and as the photo isn't so obvious I'll tell you about it. There are two homeless men sitting downstairs while those other two nicely dressed play tennis on the terrace. They lost their ball at the moment. That's why the red-sweatered one is looking down. Looked funny while I was passing by. (Must have been much more interesting few minutes before when a bunch of men dressed like sperm, who I met two blocks earlier, walked around. Yep, you heard it right, like a sperm. I know it's weird.)

Thought I'd share with you my into art-artifact turned nikes. The kiss is from the authentic Hollywood burlesque star. Promised to never wash it off.

My lazy ill week is over so expect more regularity in the next one. Being sick really sucks.