June 21, 2009

OBI, vegetables and school food

On weekends you have all the time for all the DIY projects. Visiting store such as OBI is the first step. Here is my favorite in Modrany.

This is fruits and vegetables market in Horni Pocernice on Saturday morning. The idea is great but I don't think local farmers can make profit here (month ago there were three stands, now it's just one). At least until they focus on marketing... there are so many options to increase their sales. Well, we'll see.

We had EU elections few weeks back. As usual we voted in our old elementary school. Each classroom is prepared for voters from different part of our district. Mine was the last one on left (as has been for ages).

And while in old school I sneaked in the old dinning-room for which I have so many fond memories. BTW, the typical school food we all hated is the best choice if you go to a Czech restaurant. Somehow all the stewed vegetables, spinach and so turn out to be a delightful experience when done right :) (I have a theory that there is similar effect on literature. You also find so many years later that books our teacher wanted us to read in school are, in fact, worth reading.)

And that's all. Enjoy the rest of Sunday.