July 29, 2007

One thing you should know before shooting Prague at night

Photographing Prague at night
There is one thing that you probably wouldn't think of when you're shooting in Prague centre at night. It happened to us yesterday. It was around midnight and we want to have a quick rest with a coffee (and to visit toilets to told the true :) before entering the second part of our night shooting in Prague's historical centre. And we couldn't find a pub or a cafe that would be open. All of them close at midnight. This was a surprise because Prague is still full of tourist even at this time. But for the good of local residents, they all have to close that soon.

Finally we found *one* cafe at Parizska street (the most expensive street in Prague) where we could stay for a moment. After 30 minutes of searching. So be aware of that and do all your "cafe duties" before midnight. And after that go for a wonderful photo hunt to the streets of Prague.

And what's in the photo: my new friend, shooting with Mamiya 645 on Ilford 3200 iso film (with a few different lenses during the night). He's a really great photographer :)