July 21, 2007

Hanging around in Prague at Vltava river bank

There is a boom of new developer's projects in Prague: houses at newly built marinas. The best and maybe the most luxurious will be at Holesovice marina - former real industrial dock. The second one would be at Modrany. There is a lot of demolitions going on here, all for the new marina and new modern buildings complex.

One of the reasons for new marinas may be the fact that it is allowed to use /personal/ motor boats on Vltava river now. So after years you can see all those small boats on Vltava.

The picture above is from a vicinity of Palackeho square (Karlovo square metro station). It's a pretty place to hang out, do your morning running (probably with the iPod sport kit - can't wait till I try it myself) or to take you dogs for a walk (or your girlfriend if you wish :)