July 18, 2007

Bank with a Prague castle view and a skatepark nearby

Prague river bank and Prague castle
I wouldn't tell before but Prague castle is pretty visible from a lot of places in Prague. Not a surprise at this one (of course) as it is really close to Old Town.

Actually taken from a bridge that goes over Stvanice island. They have a great skate park here and they had a Mystic skate cup competition here last weekend. Which I noticed when I was sitting on a bench (that one in the centre of the picture) and there were suspiciously big number of skaters going around. Most of them foreigners. Two of them tried to swim in Vltava - see the "V" shaped from the steps - but a local man illustrated them pantomimicly (he didn't speak English, evidently) that they better not try.

You can see the opposite view from a bench under the trees.