August 17, 2007

Another Prague Skatepark at Strasnice

Prague Skatepark
One of the Prague skateparks is at Strasnice. Strasnice is a part of Prague and also a name of a metro station, and a tram station and a bus station. I went there two days after seeing Lords of Dogtown movie. And it was almost like it :)

I tried to catch one of the skateboarders in this picture. But my shooting without looking has its limitations. So this is what i got. The red and white colors are part of the Czech national flag (the missing blue color is on the opposite side of this skate pool).

This photo was taken with Canonet QL17 and expired Fujichrome MS 100/1000 Professional slide film exposed at 100 ISO.
And I'm adding it to my Canonet QL17 series :)