August 8, 2007

Canonet QL17 Week: #3 - National theatre

Prague - National theatre
National theatre in Prague like you probably haven't seen before. I can imagine this being somewhere at the sea. Maybe in Greece :)

I shoot this with my Canonet last week. On a Kodak Tri-X 400 which is my favorite black and white film from now :) And it was very close to not. I took it to a (different than usual) photolab on Sunday and as I was in a Sunday mood I totally forget to tell them to push the film one stop (I shoot it at 800 iso). Well, I was there again on Monday. Five minutes after they opened only to find out they sent the films out already. Luckily for me, not far away. So I discovered where they are sending films: to a place, that sent them to another one. Right, just a few minutes before I came here. And now comes the real luck for me. I was given a phone number to that magic place, that almost all of films from Prague are sent to. And they were kind enough to change my order and develop the film at 800. I scaned the negative yesterday and it turns out absolutely awesome. Now I know why so many people love Kodak Tri-X :)

Photo taken with Canonet QL17 and Kodak Tri-X 400 (exposed at 800 ISO)

PS: The new photolab from the beginning of my story is FotoSkoda - Prague's most famous photo store. Mostly for its wide array of second-hand stuff. And their film developing is also cheaper and faster. I found one older photo from almost inside.

PPS: Have you seen Apple Special Event? I love the new iMovie :)