August 12, 2007

Canonet QL17 Week (The Big Summary): #7 - Ballet Masterclasses in Prague

Canonet QL17 - Ballet Masterclasses in Prague
I'd like to finish the Canonet QL17 week with a photo I really like. I took it at International Ballet Masterclasses in Prague. You can see Daria Klimentova, one of the best Czech ballet dancers, here. I posted a photo from Ballet Masterclasses in Prague before. But it is not as nice as this Canonet one :)

Photo taken with Canonet QL17 and Neopan 400

My photos at Prague DP taken with Canonet QL17:
I must say I didn't like my Canonet from the first time. I had two compact Yashica cameras when I purchased it from eBay and the Canonet was like a dinosaur to them. It wasn't in the best condition, too. Actually I didn't take a photo with this Canonet for months. I had it repaired and slowly shoot a few films - without a battery guessing the exposition (which I'd never done before). Surprisingly it was quite a fun. And then I had that weird dream. It was a dream with Chris Weeks (who I knew from deviantART; you'll find him at Uber now) and above all the other things, he said to me I should buy a battery for my Canonet. So I went to a store the very next day, bought a battery and it was that day when I fall in love with my Canonet :)
And as I love and use my Canonet, I come to a rangefinder conclusion: I should buy myself a Leica :)

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