August 15, 2007

Industrial part of Prague right in the centre of Prague

Prague - industrial
You may not tell that this is less than 3 minutes away from the centre of Wenceslas square, the most known square in Prague. The building to the right from the chimney (not in the picture) is a bowling and a snooker place. We were there quite often during my high school years as we have our school right over street (in Panska street).

I'm just watching document about photographer Jan Parik on tv. He does a lot of interesting stuff but his best would be Kafka's Prague exhibition. With beautiful black and white photos of Prague - almost unchanged from the times Franc Kafka lived here.
Well, I like Kafka's novels. They are so nicely strange :) Unfortunately Franc Kafka is way too merchandised in Prague.

Speaking of what's on tv, before this document about Jan Parik was a short about Madrid. And when I hear Madrid I think Dsole and Madrid Daily Photo :)

This photo was taken with Canonet QL17 and Kodak Tri-X 400 (exposed at 800 ISO) and thus I'm adding it to my Canonet QL17 series :)