August 21, 2007

Things to see from Charles Bridge other than Prague Castle

Prague, Charles Bridge, Vltava river
You can also see a boat from Charles Bridge. Or you can see Charles Bridge from a boat :)

Prague started big and a very very long reconstruction of Charles Bridge. It will be still open for tourists but it will be slowly under reconstruction. I think it will end in 2011 or so. Maybe later. They are reusing the old stones. The originals from Petr Parler from the 14th century. And when the stone is unusable, they will make a new one but in the old fashioned way. So it will look just like when the bridge was firstly finished in 1402.

More photos of Charles Bridge at Prague DP.

Canonet QL17 + Kodak Tri-X 400 (exposed at 800 ISO)
My Canonet QL17 series